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1 to 3 day Walking Writing Workshops


“One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new  way of looking at things.”

— Henry Miller

Compass Writers 1 to 3 day writing workshops take place in three different ways:

  • In and around Seattle, walking on various 3 to 7 mile paths, and then gathering in one location to write.

  • In and around your town if you have a writing location, 5 or more writers interested in a private workshop, and paths or neighborhoods where 3 to7 mile walks are accessible.

  • At retreat centers around the country where 3-day writing workshops can be comfortably conducted and where walking routes are easily accessible. For upcoming workshops check the events page.

Workshops are limited to 10 people to creative a more intimate setting for writing, sharing and craft discovery. Sessions are grounded in the positive, art-affirming Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method. The method works to dismantle the archaic belief that writing is the domain of other, smarter, more educated, "real writers." As facilitators of this method, we believe whole-heartedly that if you pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard and write, YOU are a writer. YOU are an artist. Information on AWA is also available on our FAQs page.


Walking is an integral part of workshops, connecting mind and body and boosting creativity centers in the brain. If you cannot walk, then you'll be invited to connect with your body and nature in other ways. Arts Integrated writing sessions are also used to tickle the muse.


No writing or art experience is necessary.


Writers of ALL experience levels, backgrounds, cultures, colors, creeds, and orientations welcome and wanted.


  • 1-day 6-hour workshop $125 per person (min. 5 participants, max. 10)

  • 2-day 12-hour workshop $260 per person (min. 5 participants, max. 10)

  • 3-day 18-hour workshop $360 per person (min. 5 participants, max. 10)

NOTE: Two spots are always available on a sliding fee scale (no fee to 75% of fee). Or ask about a payment plan.

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