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Workshop Fees at a Glance

NOTE: Two spots are always available on a sliding fee scale (no fee to 75% of fee). Or ask about a payment plan.

Mid-Week Kick in the Butt Writing Boost

1 to 3-day AWA Walk-Writing Workshops

10-Week AWA Online, In-person, or Hybrid Writing Workshops

Long Distance AWA Walk-Writing Workshops

1-on-1 AWA / Arts Integrated Writing Craft Sessions

This event is FREE and takes places Wednesday nights 7-8:15 PM PST.

  • 1-day 6-hour workshop $125 per person (min. 5 participants, max. 10)

  • 2-day 12-hour workshop $260 per person (min. 5 participants, max. 10)

  • 3-day 18-hour workshop $360 per person (min. 5 participants, max. 10)

  • $300 per person for 10 weeks (40 hours total)

  • Prices vary depending on length of trip, location, amenities. On average most run $2,500 to $5,000 and include lodging and breakfast.

  • In some locations rooms may need to be shared, although I seek to find private rooms where possible.

  • Participants must cover airfare and other meals.

  • NOTE: For Seattle-area participants I am happy to book airfare in order to travel en masse.

  • $150 per 3-hour session

Get on the road and write

what needs to be written by you!

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